Climate Taskforce

What is the Quantum Climate Taskforce?

PushQ climate aims to educate scientists and startups, connect stakeholders in quantum and bring sustainability on the agenda. It is for students and PhD candidates who want to think about the climate crisis and also consider the role of an important technology such as quantum.

Our Vision is to lead the discovery of sustainable applications of quantum technologies and enhance academic research as well as education of this topic.

There is an urgent need for climate action. This is creating huge business since the UN demands for Sustainable Development Goals to be tackled to advance sustainable developments.
The potential of quantum tech is yet unrealised. As the advantage of quantum tech is investigated, we want to ensure that sustainable applications are kept forefront. Research should be directed during its growth towards the very real possibility of this being a sustainable and even carbon negative endeavour.
We are creating a diverse, motivated community, intent on discovering more and linking topics to inspire solutions. We take a realistic stand point, focussed on NISQ applications to be able to start making a difference sooner. PushQuantum as a non-profit is well-poised to freely explore this topic. 


Challenge Partners

Martin Leib
Thierry Botter
Julianna Murphy
UX Design Lead, IBM Quantum
UX Prototyping in Quantum
Jan Goetz
CEO, IQM Quantum Computers
Fundraising for QC Startups
Aritra Sarkar
TU Delft
Valentina Ehle
Consumer Science and Management
Emily Haworth
Quantum Science and Technology
Jannes Stubbemann
Lead Working Groups, Community Events
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