What does PushQuantum think?

PushQuantum Climate is concerned with securing the longevity of quantum technologies in the time of the climate crisis. We firmly hold the belief that diverting investments from existing climate crisis solutions to put all hope in deep tech like quantum is an unethical choice. Consequently, we emphasize that quantum should not be perceived as a panacea for the collective crisis we face. Our goal is to make certain that quantum, in and of itself, has a net positive impact on our planet. That it is at least not part of the problem.

Our approach consists of three fundamental pillars:

(1) Mitigate the environmental impact of quantum technology during its development, primarily through minimising its physical resource cost.

(2) Elevate the various aspects related to these issues on the agenda, ensure clear communication among stakeholders and contribute to education of the wider public such that they may hold the technology accountable.

(3) Steer its development towards sustainable applications, and seek guarantees that they would consequently be implemented and done so responsibly.

We are collaborative in our efforts in (1) with the Quantum Energy Initiative. We highly recommend everyone to read their mission statement and join the community.

Our efforts here, besides being ethically grounded, are also useful - irrespective of whether quantum technologies ultimately achieve their imagined potential. We view this as an opportunity to learn from history, strive to develop and adopt new technology in a significantly improved manner, and serve as a blueprint for the future.


Emily Haworth
Harris Mubeen
MSc Sustainable Resource Management - TUM
Yelyzaveta Vodovozova
MSc Mathematics in Science & Engineering - TUM
To get involved, please reach out to We welcome collaborations from all diverse stakeholders essential to making this vision a reality.