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Munich is poised to become the European hub for quantum technologies, gathering top research institutions (TUM, LMU, MPQ), early enterprise adopters (E.ON, Volkswagen, Airbus) and a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem (UnternehmerTUM, IQM, Kiutra). However, few young talents know how to navigate the opportunities that await in the quantum domain. At PushQuantum, we support our members to be at the center of this quantum revolution, by enabling them to enjoy successful quantum careers and make the most of their educational journey.
You don’t have to be a quantum expert or a wizard of deep-tech business models - PushQuantum is here to support you in developing your professional skillset in quantum and beyond.

What awaits you:

  • A community of talented members from all disciplines with a common passion for deep-tech

  • Opportunities to learn from industry and academia experts shaping the field

  • Contacts to leading companies, research institutes, mentors and investors

  • Exchange programs with top universities such as ETH Zürich

  • Certifications that back your skills in quantum computing, business development and beyond

Admission criteria:

  • You are in university or doing an apprenticeship, preferably in Munich

  • You are familiar with or eager to learn about quantum technologies

  • You are eager to connect and collaborate with motivated students from all disciplines

  • You want to contribute to bringing real world education in quantum tech to students from all disciplines

  • You want to contribute to growing and strengthening the quantum community

At PQ you will join one of our startup-like departments! We do expect all members to actively participate.

  • Community: Manage members, organize community and exclusive PQ team events (e.g. onboarding, Stammtisch, pub crawl, team retreat, ...).

  • Offerings: Organize PQ offerings for the upcoming semester.

  • Partners: Manage industry and academic partners, onboard new partners, create collaborations, and acquire sponsorships.

  • Quanten(t)räume: Organize PQs contribution to the Quanten(t)räume project.

  • Quantum Entrepreneurship Laboratory: Organize the next cohort, onboard speakers and challenge partners, organize lectures and workshops.

  • Marketing: Promote PQ and its events on all marketing channels and design PQ merch.

  • IT Administration: Maintain and develop PQs IT infrastructure and website.

  • Legal & Finance: Manage all legal responsibilities and bookkeeping of PQ.

  • ThinkTank@PushQuantum: Participation in and management of various projects (events, podcast, advisory board, research) on quantum tech's impact on the society

Of course, we know talented students are often very busy, so your time commitment to the club depends on your time availability.
The application process consists of an assessment of the online application form.
We're looking for motivated talents, so apply now!

Any questions? We are happy to answer them! Just contact any department you are interested in.