What does PushQuantum offer?

PushQuantum is delighted to announce its full partnership in the ‘Quanten(t)räume’ grant, funded by BMBF, in collaboration with Deutsches Museum, Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik (MPQ), PhotonLab, Fraunhofer Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung (ISI), TECHNOSEUM, Munich Center for Quantum Science & Technology (MCQST), IQM, Munich Quantum Valley (MQV). Together, we are dedicated to enlightening the general public about the potential applications of quantum technologies and fostering a dialogue between researchers and the public. Through our previous collaborations with Deutsches Museum within our Sustainability group, we have gained a profound understanding of the significance of science communication and public awareness concerning the development of new technologies. Our commitment lies in making quantum technology accessible and engaging, not solely for the purpose of attracting talent but to ensure that quantum technology evolves in alignment with the public’s perception and wishes. Only when quantum technology is demystified can we genuinely earn the public’s trust.

The grant encompasses numerous facets and our involvement spans most of them:

We are actively engaged in the conceptualisation and construction of a hands-on device that demonstrates the unique functioning of a quantum computer compared to a classical one
Leveraging our past experience, we are assisting in developing a science communication training program for quantum students, as well as a quantum course tailored for science communicators and teachers.
PushQuantum is also involved in designing a game that allows players to explore quantum applications, discuss their implications, and make decisions on their prioritisation.
Means no week without quantum! In this initiative, PushQuantum will contribute in event curation over the course of the three-year grant, consistently presenting fresh ideas and perspectives on relevant topics and creative ways to engage an audience.
We will collaborate in the design of educational elements explaining quantum applications that will be stationed in museums across Germany, where existing exhibitions are related to the topics that may be influenced by quantum applications.
Throughout the grant’s duration, we will actively participate in various events and courses, serving as catalysts to propagate the knowledge and insights gained from our engagement in the grant.

People & Partner

Emily Haworth
To get involved, please reach out to sustainability@pushquantum.tech. We welcome collaborations from all diverse stakeholders essential to making this vision a reality.