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What is the PushQuantum Company Visit program about?

PushQuantum is bridging the gap between academia and industry through the Company Visit program. The quantum technology landscape is evolving at an unprecedented speed and so are the businesses evolved in it. Our goal is to provide exclusive insights in these innovative companies, whether they are cutting-edge startups or well-established leaders in the sector and connect them to the brightest minds in quantum studies.

There is a pressing need for quantum specialists to push the boundaries of quantum technology. PushQuantum opens the door to a pool of talented individuals, passionate about quantum technologies and eager to contribute to the industry. For companies, it is a chance to be at the forefront of talent acquisition! They can showcase their work, share their vision and inspire skilled students to join their mission.

Industry involvement is crucial to fuel the transition from research to practical applications. Participants of the program obtain a perspective on how quantum innovations are driving business solutions, solving real-world problems and accelerating the developments of the field. This experience is invaluable for students as it aligns seamlessly with the theoretical knowledge acquired during university studies.

We provide a unique platform. PushQuantum Company Visits are more than just educational excursions; they are a stepping stone to future innovations and career opportunities. Embrace the quantum leap with PushQuantum Company Visits – where exploration meets opportunity!


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