Qiskit Bootcamp

What is the Qiskit Bootcamp?

The Qiskit Bootcamp is a 5-module quantum programming course on the basics of Qiskit with the explicit goal of preparing students for passing the Qiskit Developer Certification Exam. In the 2022 edition over 200 students from the Technical University of Munich, the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, the ETH Zurich and the EPF Lausanne. The main lecturer for the event was PushQuantum team member and Qiskit Advocate Bartu Bisgin, who was ably assisted by Marcel V. P. and Elie Bermot of IBM Quantum.

As a certified Qiskit developer, you will have demonstrated fundamental knowledge of quantum computing concepts and will be able to express them using the Qiskit open source software development kit (SDK). You will have experience in using the Qiskit SDK from the Python programming language as well as creating and executing quantum computing programs on IBM Quantum computers and simulators.
We are thrilled that IBM Quantum supported this project with assistant lecturers and is graciously providing vouchers for the exam to all participants who have completed at least one of the core modules (usual cost 200 USD).

Interested? The Qiskit Bootcamp set to return in 2024. Keep an eye on our Linkedin to stay up to date with all PushQuantum event announcements!


Bartu Bisgin
Qiskit Advocat, Hackathons