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PushQuantum is a Munich-based student club. We offer real-world focused education in quantum tech for students from all disciplines

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Spotlight: Company Visits

We are excited to announce another instalment of
PushQuantum's Start-up Visit Series!

This time, you will have the opportunity to explore qssys, which specialize in quantum communication systems. They are experts in QKD component design & development and offer QKD consulting services for terrestrial or space application as well, with potential clients ranging from government, military, finance and healthcare.

After qssys's company presentation, there will be plenty of time to ask questions and chat with the team while having free drinks and snacks! Note: The number of participants is limited to 20 people and the priority will be given to (active) PQ members!

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Spotlight: Company Visits

Leibniz Supercomputing Center

We are exited to announce our next company visit.
This time PushQuantum invites you to entangle with Munichs HPC center, the LRZ.
Don't miss your chance on a tour through the Quantum Integration Center (IQM and AQT quantum systems), and see one of the top 50 world's fastest supercomputers - the SuperMUC-NG.

The visit will take place at Boltzmannstraße 1, 85748 Garching, 16:00 - 1tst of July.
At the end of the visit, there will be time to connect with the LRZ team while enjoying free drinks and snacks! Spots for the visit are limited and fill up quickly, so don't miss your chance!

Source: LRZ

Spotlight: Sustainability Day

PushQuantum Sustainability

We firmly hold the belief that diverting investments from existing climate crisis solutions to put all hope in deep tech like quantum is an unethical choice. Consequently, we emphasize that quantum should not be perceived as a panacea for the collective crisis we face. Our goal is to make certain that quantum, in and of itself, has a net positive impact on our planet. That it is at least not part of the problem.

Explore our guide to learn more about PushQuantums contribution to the TUM Sustainability Day.

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Upcoming: Quantum Energy Initiative Workshop Day

PushQuantum is collaborating with the
Quantum Energy Initiative

to create a workshop day highlighting the necessity for such an initiative, showcasing relevant ongoing research from Germany, and facilitating a collaborative effort towards the goal of efficient quantum technology.
PushQuantum is hosting this workshop supported by the TUM Think Tank's Public Policy Impact Programme.
Watch this space or follow us for announcements of speakers and schedule.
Please get in touch if you have any questions, want to be a speaker or want to stay updated directly!

Spotlight: Welcome Event ft. Ilyas Khan

Welcome new members!

We recently kicked off the Summer Term 2024 with a special event featuring Ilyas Khan, co-founder and CPO of Quantinuum. The event, held at the TUM Think Tank, welcomed over 20 new members to the PushQuantum community. Ilyas Khan shared insights on quantum computing’s impact on industry, research, and our lives. A panel discussion with TUM Professor Robert Wille and Fabienne Marco further explored the current state and future of quantum computing.

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Supercharging your Quantum Journey

PushQuantum is the place to develop your career in quantum tech. From slight interest to becoming a world-class expert and everything in between. We provide you with educational resources and assessment opportunities to take your skills to the next level. With a heavy focus on real world scenarios and a vibrant community of like-minded talents

What you'll do at PushQuantum


Participate in lectures and workshops from world-class lecturers, with a focus on industry-relevant skills


Enjoy a variety of opportunities to engage with fellow PushQuantum members, academia, startups and industry


Get support to bring your ideas into the world, either as a startup or by joining academia or enterprise

Spotlight: Quantum Entrepreneurship Laboratory

Interdisciplinary | Applied Quantum Research | 6 ECTS (Technical), 3 ECTS (Business)

The Quantum Entrepreneurship Laboratory is a project-based course that brings together students of different backgrounds to work on selected problems in quantum computing deemed industry-relevant by academic partners, ultimately pitching it as a commercial product in front of a panel of quantum industry partners.

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Spotlight: Company Visits

Photo: kiutra company visit

PushQuantum Start-up Meet and Greet series continues!

We are excited to announce Linque as our next partner for this semester! Linque is a dynamic and fresh start-up specialized in providing energy-efficient and faster computing hardware for next-generation algorithms and computing needs. The Linque team believes that integrated photonics holds the key to unlocking the next era of computing by overcoming the limitations faced by current electronic systems.

The visit is scheduled in the main building of LMU in Geschwister-Scholl Platz 1, at 18:00 - 11th of December. At the end of the visit, there will be time to connect with the Linque team while enjoying free drinks and snacks! Spots for the visit are limited and fill up quickly, so don't miss your chance!

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Become a member of PushQuantum, and immerse yourself in the quantum world. The organization has members with diverse backgrounds, levels of expertise and personalities. We are always searching for talents with a passion for impactful technologies.
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