(Winter semester '20/'21)

Learn to build quantum tech from the best, by working on real-world challenges

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What is the Quantum Entrepreneurship Laboratory?

20 Students | All Disciplines | One semester | 4 Prototypes |
6 ECTS ~ 180h

The Quantum Entrepreneurship Laboratory is a project-based course that brings together students of different backgrounds with reputable industry partners and selected quantum specialists to explore new commercial applications of quantum computing

Real-world challenges
You will learn the potential of quantum technologies by building a technical proof of concept and a business model to make a product out of it
Real entrepreneurial experience
The only way to learn how to build a company, is to build one. Next to that, this course is the closest thing you can do (;
Real-world experts
Defining a product is no easy feat. We feel you. That's why you will receive input lectures from world-class experts, that support you in the product development journey


The course comprises five different phases. The expected workload after the bootcamp week is ~14h of teamwork and a mandatory attendance expert keynote of ~2h.
Kick-off Bootcamp

Week 45

In the first week, you'll be trained in the foundations of the opposite domain (Quantum Science or Business) and get to know your colleagues

Ideation Phase

Weeks 46-49

In this phase, you will deep dive into the value chain of your challenge partner, to better understand their challenges and come up with a shortlist of ideas

Prototyping Phase

Weeks 49-52

You will narrow down the ideas to a single one. You will build a technical prototype and business plan that you will present in the midterm pitch

Shipping Phase

Weeks 1-3

Based on the collected feedback, you will refine the features and business model for your quantum product, preparing towards the final Demo Day

Delivery Phase

Weeks 7-10

After your exams, you will  combine the previous deliverables into a project playbook and groom the software repository

How to apply  

Note: Application period for the 2020 intake is closed.

You can apply to the course in two simple steps:

1. Apply by filling the following form with some relevant information about you. Authenticity and program fit are key

Applications closed

2. Once accepted, register to the course at TUMOnline, either at the School of Management or Informatics

You be notified about acceptance status by the evening of Saturday the 31st of October


Academic coordinators

Prof. Isabell Welpe
TU Munich, CDTM Alumna
Prof. Christian Mendl
TU Munich

Academic advisors

Prof. Stefan Filipp
TU Munich, Walther Meißner Institut
Prof. Frank Pollmann
TU Munich

Challenge Partners

Martin Leib
Thierry Botter

Challenge partners

Dr. Martin Leib
Quantum Algorithms Researcher 
Munich Data:lab
Ann-Lee Ramcherita
Flight Physics Innovation and Services Leader
Dr. Thierry Botter
Head of Airbus Blue Sky
Deputy-Head of Airbus Central R&T
Dr. Corey O'Meara
Quantum Computing Lead 
Senior Data Scientist

Guest lecturers sneak-peek

Julianna Murphy
UX Design Lead, IBM Quantum
UX Prototyping in Quantum
Jan Goetz
CEO, IQM Quantum Computers
Fundraising for QC Startups
Julianna Murphy
UX Design Lead, IBM Quantum
UX Prototyping in Quantum
Jan Goetz
CEO, IQM Quantum Computers
Fundraising for QC Startups
Ewan Munro
CTO, Entropica Labs
Algorithms in the Real World
Witold Kowalczyk
Director, Global Channel Partnerships, Zapata Computing Inc.
Quantum Use Case Identification
César A. Rodríguez Rosario
CSO, Strangeworks
|Hello> + |World>
Lucian Comandar
BCG, Consultant
Stakeholder Management
Natalie Taylor
Visual Design Lead, IBM Quantum
UX Prototyping in Quantum

Teaching assistants

Aritra Sarkar
TU Delft
Marina Fernández Fernández-Campoamor
Remy Goldstein
Alissa Wilms
FU Berlin, Porsche Digital
Aritra Sarkar
TU Delft

Course organizers

Thomas Hubregtsen
FU Berlin
Program Coordinator
Raúl Berganza Gómez
Program Coordinator
Vladimir Lugo Álvarez
Team Member
Benjamin Schiffer
Team Member
Giorgos Chnitidis
Press Outreach

We are a community of scientists, entrepreneurs and industry experts driven by the belief that exploring quantum computing is the most important and consequential opportunity of this century.

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Note: Application period for the WS2020 batch closed on 30.10.2020.

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